airship pirate ladies on their way to conquer the skies
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Jessica Parker Kennedy
Zoe Saldana
Natalie Dormer
Son Ye-jin


Costume designed by Adrian for Marie Antoinette - 1938 (detail, my scan)


And they lived happily ever after in the land of denial that is my headcanon.

I don’t know how much I learned as an actress but I definitely grew in confidence. Sometimes life imitates art  in confidence: when playing a characters who’s very self-assured I become more self-assured myself. (x)



An Endless List of Fairytale Adaptations

The Princess and the Pea
(“Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse”, Germany, 2010)


Make Me Choose

 Jasper Tudor or Henry Stafford

Jasper was an adventurer whose military expertise, some of it gained in the early stages of the Wars of the Roses, was considerable. Although there was uncertainty as to whether Jasper and his two (or three) brothers were legitimate, their parents’ probably secret marriage not being recognized by the authorities, he enjoyed all the privileges appropriate to his birth until 1461, when he was subject to an attainder for supporting King Henry VI against the Yorkists who eventually deposed him.

It was thanks to Jasper that Henry acquired the tactical awareness that made it possible to defeat the far more experienced Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. On Henry’s accession in 1485, Jasper was restored to all his former titles, including Knight of the Garter. He was also made high steward at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

Jasper died in December 1495, and was buried at Keynsham Abbey in Somerset, where he had founded a chantry for four priests, to sing mass for his father, Catherine his mother, and Edmund his elder brother.


Working class heroes.




*finishes whole series of tv show* 

*does extensive background search on the cast and follows them on all social media*

*Rewatches entire series again

*watches everything favourite cast member has been in, no matter how bad it is*