"I’ve got my dad’s height and smoking habit. But I think I’ve got my mum’s looks and sensibilities."


FAIRYTALE MEME: 5 Heroes - [1/5] The Prince from Cinderella
  “They told her they did not know her name and that the King’s son would give all the world to know who she was.”

The Doctor Blake Mysteries | 1.08: Game of Champions.

Bloke wins a thousand quid, then dies. It’s ironic, really.

It was foolish, it was wrong, to take so active a part in bringing any two people together. It was adventuring too far, assuming too much, making light of what ought to be serious, a trick of what ought to be simple.

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And now I just sit in silence (video credit)

I can’t help myself

Saphirblau Teaser Trailer (German)


FAIRYTALE MEME: 9 Fairytales - [7/9] Snow White
  “The huntsman obeyed and led her away, but when he had drawn his hunting knife and was about to pierce Snow White’s innocent heart, she began to weep, and said, ‘Oh, dear huntsman, spare my life. I shall run into the wild forest and never come home again.’”

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