Gosh sorry, thats all fixed now. Also I haven’t seen LotR so I’m going to do this based on what I have heard/seen from tumblr :)

favourite female character: Eowyn
favourite male character: Boromir (I think I saw gifs where he died? Which was quite sad- so he can be my favourite)
least favourite female character: idk Galadriel? 
least favourite male character: Denethor (Boromir and Faramir’s father right?)
favourite ship: Faramir/Eowyn
least favourite ship: Aragorn/Eowyn
film/tv show rating: (i really cannot comment on this)/10

  1. adanwen said: I’m sorry, I would have chosen something else, had I known! But wow, I admire your knowledge without having seen it!:D And omg, Boromir and Éowyn are my favourites, haha!xD And i can’t stand Galadriel and Denethor. Thanks for doing this!:)
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